Town of Nashville
Redevelopment Commission


The Nashville Town Council selected the following Commission Members of the Nashville Redevelopment Commission in 2017.  The Commission has chosen the following appointments:

  • Dan Snow - President
  • Jane Gore - Vice-President
  • Roger Kelso - Secretary
  • Rick Kelley  
  • Danny Key

Expression of Interest to Serve on a Board/Commission Application
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"Isolation, digging a moat around yourself, filling it and saying, 'We're good' would be retreat from not just competing, but having the opportunity to win.  
There's a lot of good about 'the good old days,' but there's a bigger windshield than review mirror" 
- Governor Eric Holcomb, October 2017



Link to to Redevelopment Commission Meeting Agendas Minutes and Audio Recordings

January 3, 2017  4:30 pm           Agenda    Minutes
March 7, 2017     4:30 pm            Agenda    Minutes
May 2, 2017  4:30 pm                   Agenda     Minutes
May 9, 2017  4:30 pm                   Agenda     Minutes
July 5, 2017 4:30 pm                   Agenda    CANCELLED
August 1, 2017 4:30 pm             Agenda   Minutes
September 5, 2017 4:30 pm      Agenda   CANCELLED
September 19, 2017              Agenda  Minutes
October 3, 2017                     Agenda  Minutes
November 7, 2017 4:30 pm         CANCELED
December 5, 2017                   Agenda  Minutes



January 5, 2016   4:30 pm        Agenda   Minutes
February 2, 2016  4:30 pm       Agenda   Minutes
   Work Session     5:00 pm      Agenda   Minutes
March 1, 2016       4:30 pm       Agenda   Minutes
April 5, 2016       4:30 pm         Agenda   Minutes 
May 2, 2016        4:30 pm          Agenda   Minutes
June 7, 2016         4:30 pm       Agenda   Minutes
     Revolving Loan Fund Executive Session   2:00 pm      Agenda   Minutes
     Revolving Loan Fund Committee Mtg       2:45 pm       Agenda   Minutes
June 30, 2016
     Revolving Loan Fund Executive Session   3:00 pm      Agenda   Minutes
     Revolving Loan Fund Committee Mtg      3:15 pm       Agenda   Minutes
July 5, 2016           4:30 pm  - Cancelled
August 2, 2016      4:30 pm - Cancelled
September 6, 2016  4:30 pm    Agenda   Minutes
October 4, 2016   4:30 pm- Cancelled
November 1, 2016    4:30 pm   Agenda   Minutes
December 6, 2016   4:30 pm    Agenda   Minutes

Link to to Redevelopment Commission Meeting Agendas Minutes and Audio Recordings


Town of Nashville Riverfront District

November 21, 2016
The Nashville Town Council established the Town of Nashville Riverfront Redevelopment District to allow for the issuance of permits to sell alcoholic beverages within the Town of Nashville Riverfront Development District under the local guidelines and more specifically set forth as Appendix A all of which is in accordance with local and State laws

Resolution 2013-07

Nashville Riverfront District Guidelines and Application
(please save the application on your computer before completing)

Nashville Riverfront District Map


Rural Business Development Grant from USDA-Rural Development to help new and existing small businesses locate or expand in the Town of Nashville.

The loan program provides the town with another economic development tool to help build a stronger Nashville. We have arranged for technical assistance and training opportunities to help small businesses better plan and prepare their business ventures for growth and stability.

Please call Town Hall at (812) 988-5526 or ARa at 812-376-9949 for assistance and to answer any questions.

Revolving Loan Fund Brochure          Revolving Loan Fund Application