Updated on 1-23-18 at 10:45am

Alcoholic Beverage Commission
(appointed yearly)

2018 Appointment - Jim Hays

Animal Control Commission of Brown County
(appointed yearly)

2017 Appointment - Sharon Crabtree (does not want to serve again)

2018 Applications - Red Nastoff

Brown County Community Corrections Advisory Board
(appointed yearly)

2018 Appointment - Dave Rudd

Brown County Emergency Management Board
(appointed yearly)

2018 Appointment - Dave Rudd

2018 Appointments - Alisha Jacoba and Arthur Omberg

Brown County Solid Waste Board
(appointed yearly)



2018 Appointments:
Councilmember Gore appointed David Martin
Councilmember Jacoba appointed Welton Harris III
Councilmember King appointed Rick Kelley
Councilmember Omberg appointed (to be decided at 1-18-18 Town Council Meeting)
Councilmember Rudd appointed Penny Scroggins
Clerk-Treasurer Young appointed Bruce Gould
Redevelopment Commission appointed (to be decided at 2-06-18 Redevelopment Commission Meeting)
Convention and Visitor's Bureau appointed Mike Patrick (CVB Appointment)
Chamber of Commerce appointed Laura Boyer

2018 Applications - Bruce Gould,  Brandon Harris,  Welton Harris IIIRick Kelley,   David Martin,   Penny Scroggins  and   Warren Cole
Mike Patrick (CVB Appointment)  __________ (Chamber Appointment)

Nashville Development Review Commission
(appointed yearly)

2018 Appointments -  Gloria Dobbs,   Lamond Martin,   Penny Scroggins   Susan Spagnuolo and Matt Gray.

Nashville Parking and Public Facilities Corporation
(appointed yearly)

2018 Appointments:
Council appointed Dan Snow
Council appointed Jane Gore
Council appointed Rick Kelley
Council President appointed Roger Kelso
Council President appointed Danny Key

Nashville Redevelopment Commission
(appointed yearly)

2018 Appointments - Bruce GouldCathy Paradise, Rick Patrick, Mark Shields  and Allison Shoaf

2018 Applications - Bruce Gould,  Rick Patrick, Mark ShieldsCathy Paradise, Amy Sweet, Allison Shoaf and Andy Norman

Nashville Tree Board
(appointed yearly)

Police Department appointed (open seat)
Police Department appointed Tom Crawford (term expires 2-18-18)
Council appointed Kenny Wendling (term expires 1-21-20)
Council appointed Dave Derbyshire (term expires 12-17-19)
Council appointed Jim Hays (term expires 12-17-19)

Nashville Metropolitan Police Commission
term appointments)